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Camel Grinding Wheels
 Mounted Points Surface Grinding   Toolroom Grinding Creep-feed Grinding 
 Bench Grinding  Centerless Grinding Cylindrical Grinding  Internal Grinding
Camel Cut Off Wheels and Grinding Disks

Ultra Flex
Thin Cut Off Wheels
 Flat Cut
Off Wheels
High Speed
Cut Off Wheels
Chop Saw Blades

 Small High Speed Cut Off Wheels
Depressed Center Cut Off Discs

Depressed Center Cut Off Wheels
3 in 1 Disk 
Coated Abrasives
Abrasive Paper Rolls
Garnet Paper
Resin Fiber Discs
 Mounted Flap Wheels
Super Abrasives
Diamond Blades
Diamond Rolls
 Galvanic CBN Wheels
Flap Discs and Wheels

Flap discs and wheels are suitable for:
Grinding and finishing of welds
De-burring, rust removal and snagging
Suitable for most ferrous & non-ferrous materials
Excellent for surface finishing